The domain name Chinese country prefix prudent investment. China was cut off

D& N domain was found in Chinese researcher firm domain name arbitration case, together with the country prefix domain name dispute cases (China. China) because the word “country” pledge, although the complainant does not have the trademark rights, but the complaint was still being cut with malicious domain name, cancellation request.

this case occurred in June 2007, the complainant is China Internet Information Center, the public information about the agency rarely introduced, at first glance thought it was CNNIC’s organization. According to the complaint records for the content of Internet news, Chinese center is located in Beijing Haidian District West Sanhuan Road No. 89 Chinese foreign building B block 6 layer, is the Information Office of the State Council leaders, Chinese Foreign Languages Publishing Service (China International Publishing Group) Business Unit Management Corporation, responsible for hosting and maintaining the national key news website, (site name for Chinese network).

in the prior rights and interests of the complaint, the Group believes that although the “Chinese net” is only the complainant sponsored website name instead of the registered trademark or trade name, but the nature and location of the site, after several years of operation has been the “Chinese network” at home and abroad have certain social the political, economic, visibility and influence, it will have a certain commercial value (?).

and respondent on malicious, expert group thinks,

“China net” in the “China” two words is the abbreviation of People’s Republic of China, using the necessarily involves the interests of the state, on behalf of the national image, therefore is subject to strict legal restrictions, the use of commercial is prohibited. The use of ‘China Network’ registered domain name to set up the site to the user the most direct feeling is that the domain name or web site with national interests, functions or image associated. And the fact that the respondent is only individual users, the registered domain names is no association with the complainant, and any representative of the interests of the state, the functions of the organs free, without any permission or authorization by the competent authorities. Accordingly, the behavior of the domain name registered by the respondent is in conformity with the provisions of article ninth (four) of the measures.” Therefore, the expert panel ruled that the respondent canceled the disputed domain name.According to