Adafruits transparent Raspberry Pi case uses dragon claws

first_imgIf you wanted a case to offer a little more security around your Raspberry Pi board, then you’ve had the option of a ModMyPi case from pretty much the first day the board was made available. But others were sure to follow, and Adafruit has created a transparent solution that allows for expansion.It is called the Adafruit Pi Box, and by using transparent acrylic you can protect your Pi without losing sight of it. All the ports are still available to use, but the Pi Box has an added feature other closed cases lack: you can expand the Raspberry Pi with kits such as the electronics prototyping plate kit or Gertboard and still retain use of the case.The Pi Box is held together with what Adafruit refers to as dragon claws. These are flexible joints on the sides of the case that allow you to firmly clip the sections together or easily remove some of them. Because of this it is possible to remove the top of the case so as to connect other components using the headers on the board.Coming up with the final design of the Pi Box apparently wasn’t easy. The image you see below consists of 22 prototype cases Adafruit made and discarded before they settled on the one they are now shipping.If you would like an Adafruit Pi Box you can order one from the Adafruit store for just $14.95. They are sure to be popular and Adafruit is already stating there’s a 5-10 business day wait before stock will be available.via the Adafruit bloglast_img