#RonaldoErection! CR7’s statue with huge bulge sets Twitter abuzz

Cristiano Ronaldo strikes a pose alongside his life-size statue unveiled in Madeira IslandsThree days after its inauguration, a statue of Real Madrid’s Portuguese star striker Cristiano Ronaldo erected in his honour in his hometown in the Madeira Islands has generated a great deal of buzz for what looks like as a bulge in the statue’s pants.On Wednesday, several Portuguese newspapers collected dozens of comments about the bulge on the bronze, life-size statue, which was erected in his honour in the Portuguese city of Funchal near a museum dedicated to the player.The subject has also gone viral on social media, inspiring Twitter users to launch the hash tag “#RonaldoErection” for comment.Christiano Ronaldo’s dick got its own statue today. #RonaldoErection pic.twitter.com/upuJuT3Gj0 Scot Williams (@scotwilliams) December 21, 2014It was also discussed on Ronaldo’s official Facebook page, which published a photo of the player standing next to the statue on December 21.The statue weighs 800 kg with a height of 3.4 metres. Designed by artist Ricardo Madeira Veloso, it was inspired by Ronaldo’s stance before taking a free kick.They’ve unveiled a statue of Ronaldo in Madeira this morning. Looks like a GAA player from the 50s with an erection. pic.twitter.com/RNoJHorZJP Declan Varley (@declanvarley) December 21, 2014Despite the controversy, Ronaldo, who distanced himself from the subject, published Tuesday photos of himself taken during his vacation with his family.According to Portuguese media, Ronaldo has gone to Dubai to spend the Christmas holidays.