Wear Hanfu to light up the “bright moon” to the village through the Tang Dynasty

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Hanfu show, Sichuan opera face changing, magic, tea performance, throwing pot to get “Moon”. On October 1, the fifth Mid Autumn Festival poetry concert was held in Mingyue village, Pujiang County, Chengdu. The theme of this activity is mainly composed of cultural and creative market, Xiyue poetry fair, star sky music square, colorful moon lotus pond and other activities, including guessing lantern riddles, painting moon rabbit, releasing River lamps, throwing pots and other garden activities. Here you can also see the Han costume show, Sichuan opera face changing, tea art, magic and other performances. According to field staff, the event not only shows the traditional customs of the Mid Autumn Festival, but also creates a new immersive experience scene of cultural and creative tourism that can be participated in, entered, consumed and experienced, but also integrates the “night economy” into the festival atmosphere that can be played, seen and enjoyed. Tourists come from all directions to share the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the birthday of the motherland.

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